Deadlock broken as Malaga sever ties with sporting director

Husillos is set to join West Ham United.
Husillos is set to join West Ham United. / SUR
  • The club, still in need of a coach for next season, have lined up Atlético's Caminero as his replacement

Malaga CF took one major step forwards this week as sporting director Mario Husillos finally sealed his departure from the club.

Husillos, who announced that he would be stepping down almost a month ago after being undermined publicly by club owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, finally severed ties with the club on Tuesday but without the pay-off it is believed he was hoping for.

He won't be out of work for long, however, as he is now expected to link up with former colleague Manuel Pellegrini at West Ham United.

During the past month, with Husillos not carrying out his duties, the club has been in a state of paralysis, with no new coach chosen, nor any movement in the transfer market. However, that is about to change with the imminent arrival of José Luis Pérez Caminero as Husillos' replacement.

The deal is believed to be all-but- done and Caminero, who currently oversees first-team operations at Atlético Madrid, has already been involved in discussions with club lawyer Joaquín Jofre over the challenges facing him in the job.

Top of the pile in his inbox will be the appointment of a new head coach, while the playing squad still needs a significant overhaul.

With scores of players returning from loan deals, Malaga will not be able to accommodate them all in a 25-man squad, nor can they afford to do so. As the wage bill needs significant trimming, buyers or more creative solutions need to be found for a number of players.

This must all be done before he can even think about bringing in new players.