Atlético Malagueño say goodbye to Tercera

The players' celebration after Abeledo's goal.
The players' celebration after Abeledo's goal. / Opta Sport
  • Malaga's reserve team have at last been promoted to Segunda B, after a goal from Abeledo in Yecla

It was third time lucky for Malaga's reserve team, Atlético Malagueño, when they finally managed to get their promotion into Segunda B after a 1-1 away game against Yeclano on Sunday.

After their first match against Yeclano concluded in a draw (0-0), Malagueño's objective was clear: A draw or a win would immediately secure promotion.

They've had bad luck in the play-offs in past seasons, but a stellar set of players has helped Atlético Malagueño climb the ranks this year.

Abeledo's rabona kick.

Abeledo's rabona kick. / Opta Sport

Jaime Moreno and Jack Harper played strongly on Sunday, and the return of defender Fernando Deco balanced the team well, both in defence and offence.

Key to the match was Ignacio Abeledo. After an attempt from Yeclano, the attacker recieved a pass, which he sent into the end of the net with a rabona kick, taking the score to 1-0.

The winds changed quickly as Íker Torre equalised the score with a goal for Yeclano.

Both goals were scored within 45 minutes, making for an exciting first half, though the match saw no further successes.

The resulting tie means that the Malagueños can now leave Tercera behind.