Marc Márquez accused of 'destroying' MotoGP after 'deliberate' crash

Marc Márquez, the reigning MotoGP champion.
Marc Márquez, the reigning MotoGP champion. / EFE
  • Márquez and bitter rival Valentino Rossi have been embroiled in a war of words since Márquez forced Rossi off the track in the Argentinian GP

Sao Paolo. Spanish rider and reigning MotoGP champion Marc Márquez has admitted to making a mistake during Sunday's Argentinian Grand Prix when he was punished for riding into bitter rival Valentino Rossi.

Speaking at an event for one of his sponsors in Sao Paolo, he said: “It was through bad luck that I touched Valentino and when he went onto the grass he fell. I understand my mistake and I was punished for it.”

Rossi, however, disagreed: “It is not a mistake. If all the riders race like this, without any respect for rivals, this is a very dangerous sport and [it will] finish in a bad way.

“This is a very bad situation, because he destroyed our sport. I'm scared on the track when I am with Márquez.”

Márquez, whose race was hampered by erratic driving and behaviour finished 18th, while Rossi, following the crash, finished one place behind.