Sporting world comes together to support young lineswoman subjected to sexist abuse

  • Eva Alcaide spoke out on Twitter about the abuse she received during an Andalusian second division youth game

An assistant referee who received sexist abuse from the stands at a Segunda Andaluza youth game in Alhaurín de la Torre has received support from across the footballing world after her story went viral on Twitter this week.

Eva Alcaide, 17, claimed on social media that she was “harassed” by a group of youths “no older than 17” who had hurled insults constantly during the first half of the Alhaurín de la Torre game against Fuengirola-Los Boliches.

Alcaide said on her Twitter account (@EvaAlcaide28), among other comments, the group said things like: “Look at that ass!”, “Are you a virgin?”, “I hope you don't drop the soap in the shower otherwise I'll have to take you from behind” and “I'm going to have to come on the pitch and have some of you.”

The fans, after the team of officials complained to the stewards, were ejected at half time.

“It's not normal nor fair that I have to hear comments like this while I'm doing what I love most. I felt completely hounded on a football pitch which is supposed to be a place for everyone to enjoy,” said Alcaide.

Since Alcaide's comments went viral, she has received support from across Spanish football, including from Madrid club Rayo Vallecano and rugby referee Alhambra Nieves.

Former Malaga and Real Madrid defender Fernando Sanz tweeted: “What a disgrace that these things are still happening (...)Don't let them take away your love for football.”