Huelva put an end to Marbella’s climb up the league table

Corpas putting pressure on a rival player on Sunday.
Corpas putting pressure on a rival player on Sunday. / Javier Navarro. Opta
  • Despite strong work from Wilfred, Marbella were defeated 1-0 by Recreativo and are now fourth in the table

Marbella’s string of victories has come to an end in Huelva. On Sunday, in the Nuevo Colombino stadium, they were defeated by Recreativo and now sit at fourth in their group.

The first half was intense and competitive although the score was 0-0 at half-time. Recreativo had control from the start but Marbella did have some chances to score.

The team from Huelva had three chances within minutes of each other but strong work from Marbella goalie, Wilfred, meant that they did not score as many goals as they attempted. The Recreativo keeper saved a goal in the 59th minute from a header from Ferrón.

In the 62nd minute, Boris Garros took a shot which hit the left side of the goal before going in, making it impossible for Wilfred to save it. This goal only highlighted the strength of the visiting team’s defence thus far.

Ferrón attempted a goal for Marbella in the 67th minute although, while strong, it veered too wide of the goal.

Several substitutions in very close succession and the lack of Traoré, who was out for injury, were Marbella’s major pitfalls in this match, where they could have made some more successful attacks if there had been more time.

Marbella will next play Ejido 2012 at 12pm on Sunday.