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Zidane needs a miracle

Gareth Bale.
Gareth Bale. / REUTERS
  • The manager of Real Madrid may have worked wonders in the past but he needs to perform some magic to stop a disastrous end to the year

It seemed like reflective honesty at the time and few were arguing when Gerard Pique declared “In the nine years I've been [at Barca], it's the first time I feel inferior to Madrid,”

This was on the eve of the season when Real Madrid claimed yet another trophy by destroying Barcelona, 5-1 on aggregate, to add the Spanish Super Cup to their collection.

The Catalan captain was realistic when he reasoned that one team was going to dominate La Liga and their eternal rivals would give little resistance.

Examine the rest of Pique's post-match comments and it's quite prophetic: “We must live with this defeat and accept that Madrid are better than us [at the moment], but the season's very long and there's room for improvement.”

Spin forwards three months and one of the giants is lumbering, surprisingly it's the champions of Spain and Europe.

Now it looks like a classic mind-game as Barca sit eight points clear of Real Madrid with the Clasico looming. If they both continue at the same pace it would be an eleven point gap going into the showcase event on December 23rd as Real head to the United Arab Emirates the week before for the FIFA Club World Championships.

Zinedine Zidane was crowned FIFA World Coach of the Year for 2017 and he needs to work some magic to prevent the year ending disastrously. He transformed the club when he replaced Rafa Benitez and little has gone wrong since then but now he needs to dig deep, make some big decisions and work his motivational powers.

He can work on minds but his biggest problem is that he can't provide any medical miracles and it appears that is what Gareth Bale requires.

Everyone commented on how the Welshman has become more ripped since moving to Spain. Sadly the more muscles he's developed the more muscles he has to pull. He's missed the last eight games and now it's predicted that he'll be out until the New Year.

It's incredible that since the start of this year he's only lasted the whole ninety minutes in five games. In that time Real Madrid have played forty two games so you can see how they are missing his influence?

There have been stories suggesting that Tottenham would like to take him back. I would imagine that the Bernabeu money men would love that. At this rate he would only be a makeweight in the other speculated story that Harry Kane could be heading to La Liga.

Zidane has rightly been lauded since he took control of a meandering Madrid, now he needs to work harder than ever ensure that it isn't Real who end the season with an inferiority complex.