Fuengirola Lions lead all age groups in junior Andalusian league

The Lions played five games across three age groups.
The Lions played five games across three age groups. / Simo Tynys
  • The Fuengirola Lions hockey team got off to a strong start in the junior league last weekend, scoring an impressive grand total of 68 goals

Last Saturday the junior Liga Andaluza began, with all games being played in Fuengirola. The Fuengirola Lions junior teams played five games across three age groups and were victorious in all of them.

In the oldest age group, the youngsters beat Marbella 10-2 and then went on to win 10-5 against Sevilla. Lukas Rantanen scored five goals and made an assist in the latter match.

The 12 and 13 year olds also beat Marbella, scoring 15 goals.

Goalie Aaron Arroyo did not let the opposing team score a single goal and, at the other end, Okko Kinnunen and Aaron Jääskeläinen were constantly scoring goals.

The youngest age group let in only one goal across two games and managed to score 33 goals themselves.

The Lions currently lead all three categories of the junior league.