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letter to the editor
We have just returned to Scotland from a holiday which was marred by an incident which should be drawn to the attention of other tourists reading your newspaper...
comment - effects of the crisis
As Malaga Fair opens this year, it will be different, it will be in the midst of an economic crisis. In a region that has suffered more than any other in Spain. What impact will this situation have on the fair?
It?s a sensitive issue, the subject of pets. Some people can become very offended if you shout at their dog, for example - I know, I?ve done it quite a few times when they?ve come running towards me unbidden...
letter to the editor
I heartily agree with David Baird’s comments on the above. As a direct result of the abysmal exchange rate sterling-euros, thousands of British pensioners living in Spain have great difficulty in “making ends meet” without having to pay the exorbitant fee to renew their passport.
letter of the week
Re your recent article on ‘Lookie Lookie’ men. There is an effective way to control this problem, which is to copy the example of Italy.
letter to the editor
Within the last few decades, litter and debris has become a popular and very important issue. The amount of trash and litter in our waters is rapidly growing and all efforts against it are nominal.