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Health and beauty news

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Alexithymia is an inability to identify emotions and it is a problem which is much more common in today's society than many people would imagine
Despite the sunny climate in Spain there are people who lack sufficient amounts of this vitamin which prevents, among other things, rickets and muscle fatigue
Now the uncertainty about its future appears to be over, the AECC and Costa del Sol Hospital?s Palliative Care unit is starting a new stage of life after 20 years of service
Most people start doing physical exercise with no preparation and are therefore more likely to suffer torn ligaments, sprains, tendonitis and broken bones
Dr Gema Esteban was in Malaga this week to give a lecture, which was organised by SUR, on uncommon illnesses
Experts state that use of the emergency contraceptive has not increased since it became available without prescription
Hundreds of people took to the streets around the country last weekend to urge the authorities to provide new state-of-the-art medication for all
A Marbella clinic has Andalucía's only medical team specialising in the feminisation of facial features