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Health and beauty news

Few people would disagree that there are connections between body and mind. A specialist in keeping spiritual balance, Ramiro Calle, pioneer in bringing yoga to Spain, talks about how our minds can help our bodies feel better
A company from Granada is patenting a new non-invasive test, which is quicker and simpler and will help in the fight against this disease
Dr. Antonio Escribano wants us to use sensitivity and variety when it comes to eating. "Miracle diets don?t exist. The only way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, varied diet and take exercise," he says
A man from the eastern Costa del Sol is one of the first in the province to be prescribed revolutionary drug Sovaldi
Fernando Alonso's amnesia is nothing:an Italian woke up after an accident thinking it was 2001, and has no memory from then on
Malaga province listed 47 new cases of people with HIV last year which is half of all those registered in the whole of Andalucía in 2013
Susana Díaz said last week that 45 million euros from the current regional government's budget had been designated for the work
Twelve per cent of the Spanish population takes sedative or hypnotic drugs, twice as many as before the crisis hit
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Hundreds of people took to the streets around the country last weekend to urge the authorities to provide new state-of-the-art medication for all
A Marbella clinic has Andalucía's only medical team specialising in the feminisation of facial features