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Health and beauty news

Growing old and dying is inevitable but few of us want to think about how we will spend the last days of our lives
Replacing the knee joint with an artificial one has given satisfactory results in approximately 90 per cent of cases
Two therapists from Marbella are using animals as part of their treatments for people who are suffering from different types of psychiatric and psychomotric illness
The actor's death ought to encourage us to look out for people around us in need of help
Ashya King spent several days in Malaga?s children?s hospital after his parents brought him to Spain from the UK without authorisation
Ignacio Morgado, Professor of Psychobiology
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Crippling cystic fibrosis does not stop Becky Baker from fundraising; she faces her sponsored para-trike challenge this weekend
once danced with the Norma Duval ballet show, but he ended up weighing 197 kilos. Now, he weighs 78 kilos and runs an association in Malaga to help others fight obesity