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Health and beauty news

A man from the eastern Costa del Sol is one of the first in the province to be prescribed revolutionary drug Sovaldi
A Malaga doctor resident in Texas has produced an oil capable of reducing seizures
Ignacio Morgado, Professor of Psychobiology
Crippling cystic fibrosis does not stop Becky Baker from fundraising; she faces her sponsored para-trike challenge this weekend
Malaga province listed 47 new cases of people with HIV last year which is half of all those registered in the whole of Andalucía in 2013
The Queen of Spain sets trends. Her cocktail dresses are copied worldwide. Now a book reveals the secrets, successes and faux pas in her own wardrobe
Historians say we work more and relax less than agricultural labourers in medieval times. Maybe this is why we spend the whole year yearning for calm, a mental state which people all over the planet are seeking
At present 24,565 units have been prepared for patients who are suffering from leukemia and need a bone marrow transplant
Two and a half years ago David de Jorge’s weight reached 267 kilos. Now he no longer has to book two seats on a plane, he can tie shoelaces and his blood sugar level is normal
Works on the new centre have restarted and it is expected that the state of the art complex will serve over 100,000 local residents