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Health and beauty news

Hundreds of people took to the streets around the country last weekend to urge the authorities to provide new state-of-the-art medication for all
Works on the new centre have restarted and it is expected that the state of the art complex will serve over 100,000 local residents
Two and a half years ago David de Jorge?s weight reached 267 kilos. Now he no longer has to book two seats on a plane, he can tie shoelaces and his blood sugar level is normal
Experts warn that crash diets are not the best way to go about losing those extra inches gained at Christmas
He once danced with the Norma Duval ballet show, but he ended up weighing 197 kilos. Now, he weighs 78 kilos and runs an association in Malaga to help others fight obesity
The Queen of Spain sets trends. Her cocktail dresses are copied worldwide. Now a book reveals the secrets, successes and faux pas in her own wardrobe
A Marbella clinic has Andalucía's only medical team specialising in the feminisation of facial features
Ignacio Morgado, Professor of Psychobiology
Growing old and dying is inevitable but few of us want to think about how we will spend the last days of our lives
Some elderly people forget to take their tablets and other aren’t sure which they should take and when