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Health and beauty news

The Afesol association is calling for a home with room for 20 people to be built so better care can be provided for the patients
To shower or not to shower?
Experts say frequent showering is not necessary to keep germs at bay; they also advise using luke warm water instead of hot, and limiting the use of soap
Oncologists want to achieve a survival rate of 90 per cent within the next five years, thanks to better treatments says specialist Dr Emilio Alba
health and beauty
Dermatologists say that everyone should check their skin and they showed how to do so during the recent sun protection and cancer prevention campaign
Launch event held with designers who will feature at the 6th Larios Fashion Show in September
This committed group of knitters in Mollina have turned their needles to making real alternatives to prosthetic breasts
José Manuel Gil has written a book about his son’s recovery - a focus on intense physical exercise, music and medicine
“The devices that are now on the market will enable it to become a reality”, according to Ángel Manuel Gil Agudo, director of Rehabilitation Services at the National Paraplegic Hospital of Toledo