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Gastronomy news

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The 2016 edition of the Michelin Guide to Spain was unveiled this week and puts Malaga at the forefront of fine dining in Andalucía
The previous UK Masterchef quarter-finalist is now head chef at a Malaga restaurant, hoping to put his own unique stamp on traditional Spanish dishes while mixing different cuisines
The Casa de Botes Centro won the SUR - Málaga en La Mesa tapas competition with an innovative tapa of fresh squid stuffed with sea anemones
The bread structure is a centrepiece of the Málaga Gastronomy Festival and its maker is hoping to achieve a Guinness World Record
Making juices by combining fresh fruit and vegetables is an ideal way of making sure you get your recommended 'five a day'
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The Molienda Verde company took jars of ‘Gin and Tonic’ jam to craft and produce fairs in Torremolinos and Benalauría; they soon sold out
A controlled diet since birth means these pigs get only the best, cereals when young and then chestnuts and acorns when adult
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