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Surgical techniques are becoming increasingly less invasive, something which benefits many patients who are unable to undergo conventional types of operations
The problem can affect anyone but appears more frequently in the over fifties
After being diagnosed with severe obsessive compulsive disorder, the Argentinian singer, Ro Vitale, devoted her time to raising awareness about a condition which is often misunderstood
Their blood group is only found in one in 10,000 cases worldwide
Historians say we work more and relax less than agricultural labourers in medieval times. Maybe this is why we spend the whole year yearning for calm, a mental state which people all over the planet are seeking
Twelve per cent of the Spanish population takes sedative or hypnotic drugs, twice as many as before the crisis hit
The long waiting list is due to the fact that Malaga province has the lowest ratio of physiotherapists in the Andalusian Health Service
The previous UK Masterchef quarter-finalist is now head chef at a Malaga restaurant, hoping to put his own unique stamp on traditional Spanish dishes while mixing different cuisines
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