the euro zone

Losing touch

The Catalonian president's bullish tactics in pushing the independence movement forward suggest he is not bothered by polls

Mark Nayler


Set in stone

There's no point in drawing up a rigid list of songs that you're going to stick to come hell or high water when the very nature of most concerts is that they are totally unpredictable

Peter Edgerton


Taking the credit

How much credit can Rajoy's government take for Spain’s dazzling macroeconomic performance this year?

Mark Nayler


Not in my back yard

Hypocrisy pursues us like a second shadow when individual and common interests come into conflict

alberto gómez


The steal industry

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the entire country was filled to the brim with armies of corrupt buffoons

Peter Edgerton


the euro zone

The magic number

The IMF’s most recent tweak to its 2017 economic forecast for Spain prompts one to wonder who is following whom in the race to get to 3.2%

Mark Nayler


brexit view

Going nuclear

The UK government believes Euratom membership is legally tied to EU membership and simultaneous withdrawal is unavoidable

mik woolley



Rural Britain is now in peak season for brass bands and Morris Men

polly rodger brown


Excessive profits

Excessive uplifts upset everyone, the winery, the distributor, and the consumer, but it's the restaurants that are the decision-makers

a. j. linn


Wheelie wheelie worrying

The number of wheelie suitcases being trundled around Malaga at any given moment is quite astonishing

Peter Edgerton


the euro zone

A break from reality

Temporary contracts in general are the reason why a lot of Spanish workers - especially those employed in the tourism industry - lack financial stability

Mark Nayler


And the winner is...

The EU was awarded Spain’s Princess of Asturias 2017 Concord Prize on Wednesday for maintaining harmonious relationships between its member states

The Euro zone Mark Nayler


I want my floor

Whatever the case, the point is that things are always the bank's fault



Beer money

As far as I understand it, the world of entertainment works like this: an artist presents his work and, if it cuts the mustard, word gets round and lots of people turn up to enjoy the experience

Peter Edgerton