Summertime blues

Here comes summer, then, crashing in as usual

Peter Edgerton


Louts without frontiers

It would also be wrong to ignore the fact that Marbella, and more specifically certain areas of Marbella, act as a magnet for a certain type of individual



Pinch of salt and Sgt Pepper

The principal question debated ad nauseum by lots of self-appointed experts has been "Is it the best album ever made?"

opinion Peter Edgerton


the euro zone

Weak foundations

We know by now that when the PP starts throwing about GDP statistics, their aim is usually to convince critics and doubters that the Spanish economy is back on track

Mark Nayler


Obese, slim and other distortions

If we followed every single medical recommendation, we would undoubtedly be healthier, but we wouldn’t have time to work or hardly even to live



Don’t speak

Pop stars should stick to singing pop songs, because nobody likes being preached at

Peter Edgerton


The place with no weather

When you hear someone in Spain talking about their closest neighbours, they’re more likely, in my experience, to be referring to France, not Portugal

Rachel Haynes


Water palaver

The fact that I overlooked setting up a standing order for the water bill when I first changed apartment last year went completely unnoticed... until now

comment Peter Edgerton


Milking the cash cow

Marketing gurus have managed to squeeze the lemon dry in Eurovision and football, but St Patrick's Day gave them little success in mass manipulation

Peter Edgerton


The vulnerable age

The community spirit and family atmosphere that we are familiar with in this country seems to have faded away in Britain

opinion Rachel Haynes


Slow progress

Far from giving Spanish conservatives cause for back-slapping, the vote on amendments to Rajoy's budget only shows how ineffectual Spain’s political system has remained since last October

the euro zone Mark Nayler


The marry marry month of May

Far from being a romantic gesture, asking your girlfriend to marry you in public, is actually a heavy-handed emotional manipulation

Peter Edgerton


Read with Caution

The real problem for the Spanish economy is unemployment - a problem for which the solution is still a work in progress, if that

the euro zone Mark Nayler


A thought for the good eggs

In Spain, with its great track record for corruption, the news is not so much what the politician in question has done, but the fact that they got caught out

Rachel Haynes


Flied breakfast

For the people who get bitten - and, boy, do those poor souls get bitten - all of this is no laughing matter

Peter Edgerton