A comedy of errors

It happens like this: you hear some very welcome news related to events of the past, feel a shoot of joyous energy, dance a lovely little jig around the living room floor and then slump back onto the sofa, exhausted, in order to consider the implications of what you've just found out a little more profoundly. That, I'm afraid, is when the trouble starts.

It's a scenario that can apply to anything from meeting up with friends from long ago or hearing that your ex, for whom you've convinced yourself you still hold a flickering torch, wants to get back with you.

In the case of the former example, you slowly start to remember how it always seemed to be you who gave your chums a lift to the pub, bought the drinks and listened to their interminable stories about their any-minute-now success.

In the case of the latter, it gradually dawns on you that she's your ex for a reason, of being nagged to within an inch of your life and how your flat smelt perpetually of nail varnish and cup cakes.

Inevitably, you come to the conclusion that the past is better left alone. Your lovely little jig was in vain, based on a false premise.

So it was this week when I heard that Paramount is set to bring back the hilarious TV series, Frasier. Oh yes! What could be better? More hapless antics from the well-meaning but teeth-grindingly pedantic psychiatrist, a man paid to advise others about their problems while his own life spirals out of control in a succession of ever more excruciating circumstances. And yet...

A TV series will usually come to an end because the writers feel there's nothing more to say on the subject and they don't want to recycle the same, tired tropes for all eternity. In addition, many years later, the cast will have moved on professionally and, occasionally, may even have passed away (as is the case here with John Mahoney who played Frasier's pragmatic, long suffering dad).

No, the more I think about it, the more I don't like the idea of my favourite series coming back for a shot at recapturing its former glory.

Much better to dig out the old box sets, grab a few cans of beer and prepare a delicious feast involving bacon sandwiches - and not a single cup cake.