Organised chaos

A certain degree of chaos undoubtedly makes life a bit more interesting and, if you're really lucky, may even inspire little bouts of creativity from time to time.

The trick is, of course, to get the balance right. Just as you don't want to be one of those obsessively orderly people who insist on having everything in their cutlery drawer in alphabetical order, nor do you want to hurtle through your days like a bull in a china shop, lurching from one disaster to another.

Currently, since we've been obliged to close the pub once again and, in attempt to look for the positive in the situation, I've decided to bring a little order to my life. No, no, nothing as radical as cleaning the house, obviously, rather a concerted effort to organise all the weird and occasionally wonderful projects I've been involved in over the last twenty-five years or so.

Until now, I've muddled along quite contentedly, safe in the knowledge that that old demo I'll almost certainly never need ever again is at the back of a wardrobe with some old wellies and a 1978 Kevin Keegan football annual. The hundreds of pub quizzes I've prepared over the years? Oh, they're on various computers and tablets and in some emails I sent to myself. Just lots and lots of stuff then scattered to the four winds.

How best to bring some order to all of this? My first thought was to invest in a series of humungous cardboard boxes but soon realised they'd take up far too much space and, in any case, wouldn't really help the situation much, just relocate the chaos to a more specific area. No, something more modern and imaginative would need to be employed - something like a web page, for example.

So that's it, I'm currently building a website, spending my days hunting down long lost songs, quizzes, poems, articles scribblings and things, wherever they may lie and then painstakingly making them more presentable before transferring them to the site.

It's laborious but strangely gratifying work, like piecing snapshots of your life together.

At the rate I'm going, I should have it all done by Christmas... 2043. Only kidding, a few months at a steady rhythm and Bob will very much be your uncle.

Nothing will be in alphabetical order though, you can rest assured of that.