Unsettling times

There's no denying that the start of this year is proving unsettling. Extraordinary events are gradually taking place in a world so bizarre that it would be tiresome to list all its extravagances.

On Wednesday, for example, the new President of the United States was sworn in at a ceremony which, without an audience, gave the impression that it was some sort of undercover act, especially if we take into account that everything in America is always welcomed as something spectacular. However, the lack of brouhaha was not due to the pandemic, but to the rebellion.

The seizure of the Capitol was very serious, even if to us it seemed like a parade of rednecks and brainless numpties, of whom there are always too many and never too few.

The rebellion had taken place in the country that boasts the oldest democracy in the world; it seems we're all slowly learning the key lesson of this millennium: everything is more fragile than we could ever imagine.

Trump spent his last day as president signing pardons and then flew on Air Force One to his Palm Beach mansion, which is a bit like Florida's version of Benidorm. Meanwhile, on social media, the inauguration gathered pace as Twitter gave the official account of the President of the United States, @POTUS, to Joe Biden. @RealDonaldTrump is still censored, and that doesn't seem quite right either, but that's another matter...

Biden's inauguration was attended by Jennifer Lopez (her surname doesn't have an accent because she's from the Bronx, don't you know...) and Lady Gaga, who is a singer I find very tiresome, mainly because she always seems to be hellbent on proving that she's a better singer than Madonna.

I see a lot of people on the left celebrating Biden's victory as if he's going to save the world. But let's not kid ourselves: the fact that Biden is demonstrably better than Trump doesn't mean he's any good either. He does at least have a modicum of intelligence and looks like he will be a much more decent president - but that's not so difficult given who his predecessor was.

Everything that happens in the US affects us. Joe Biden is the same age as the mayor of Malaga and my impression is that his mandate will propel Francisco de la Torre to yet another forthcoming candidacy, which should be worthy of a place in the ever exciting Guinness Book of Records.