Easter and Covid-19

Life is risky. If you didn't know that in February, you must know that by now. Touch nothing! Go nowhere. Money, health, jobs and businesses all in the risk register. People are putting off seeing the doctor about something just in case they catch the virus.

So why create life at all? It would have been safer for God not to have bothered. Total up the pain of Covid-19 bereavement and it is immense. Some would blame God for it all as if he purposely created this killer. No he didn't, but the wonder of evolution, of life itself, has massive risks associated with it including, as we have discovered, Covid-19.

Evolution of life goes hand in hand with risk but, despite that, God ultimately chose to evolve life, because, just like vast majority of us, God loves life so very much, and the risk was worth taking.

Getting that message over, in a time of pain, like this one, is difficult, but God's not immune to pain, ours or his. God in Jesus Christ planned that walk into Jerusalem 2000 years ago, knowing that he would die a most dreadful death. But why bother?

Well... God is love. I can think of no other way God could have shown a complete willingness to put us first. We applaud the health workers because they are putting their lives on the line. Some, like Florence Nightingale, give all they are and all they have that others might live. It is the most selfless loving of all that God does at Easter. Action above all words, that we might know at the heart of creation is love... and life.

Which is why Easter is also about resurrection, for life does not end here, ever. Thousands of Covid-19 relatives may never say their goodbyes - it's too risky - but when a handful and then hundreds see Jesus fully alive from 40 hours after crucifixion, there is a profound hope of immense proportions at the end of this tunnel. As Queen Elizabeth said on Sunday, echoing Vera Lynn: we'll meet again. And in all the bleak brokenness of isolation, sickness and bereavement, Easter agrees. Life will win because God bothers, loves and suffers. Life wins now, and beyond death. Jesus made it so.