Looking up to the Moon

With the anniversary celebrations of the first Moon landing, it's the right time to look back at just how far we've come in half a century.

The regime was at that time blighted by corruption, with Falangist and technocrats fighting it out within Franco's government, dissent that the dictator put down without explanation, as was his way of removing adversaries and critics.

And so, against that background, Spaniards gathered around a small screen to watch a flight into space that, in effect, transported our hopes to those scientific and technological advances that we all enjoy today. In a nutshell, towards a better world.

But we've also left something behind on that journey. Today television is hardly a guiding light. On the contrary, it's become a showplace for trashy people, where the most watched personalities, not having much clue, sometimes coming straight out of jail, compete to show off their total illiteracy. Add to this that group of social influencers, where between YouTubers, footballers who dribble away from the taxman, tweeters who only resort to insults and talking heads paid to say what they say, and what we have is public debate built around hate.

On top of this politicians don't for one minute come close to those from the era of the transition to democracy, those who steered the country to a common destiny, away from the terrible echoes of the Spanish Civil War. These days the politicians flit between ministries aiming to retire with as little effort as possible.

Yes, 50 years later, we are better off, of course we are. But in some things we're still looking up at the Moon. Let's see if things improve after the summer holidays.