The weakest link

It's still sitting there somewhere, completely and utterly ignored. Copied and pasted onto a document I actually named myself but now can't recall the name of.

If ever there was a symbol of modern-day media saturation, it must be this - the link I saved a while back in order to be able listen to Paul McCartney's new song. It's not a new song anymore, of course - weeks and weeks old by now, in fact. Have I listened to it yet? Nope, I can't even find it. So, let's see - the latest tune from arguably the greatest songwriter of the twentieth century is released and I, caught somewhere between lethargy and indifference, haven't even found the time to lend it an ear.

The only explanation I can offer for this folly is that there's simply too much stuff coming at us from every angle these days. 'Spoilt for choice' would be the understatement of the century. Films, series, music, podcasts - there's no end to the constant tide of entertainment coming our way and oftentimes it means you end up sidestepping the whole thing with a defeated shrug and a sigh, rather like when somebody stands outside an over zealous restaurant, perusing an infinite menu for ten interminable minutes before giving up and going next door for a kebab.

Once there was a time when record shops - remember them? - would have people queueing round the block for the latest release from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or The Rubettes (sixty-six per cent of that sentence is true).

The lucky purchasers would then leg it home full pelt in order to listen to their record, simultaneously devouring the sleeve notes to see if the sound engineer was the same as on the last release. Or maybe that was just me.

Anyway, it was certainly delayed gratification, a concept which is becoming rarer by the day.

Everything we desire is just a click away nowadays. New trainers? Click, click, click and a ring at the door.

"Package for you, sir."

"Eh? Can't be my trainers, surely, I only ordered them three minutes ago."

"Ha ha ha, no, no, that would be ridiculous. These are the Egyptian cotton tea towels and self-cleaning wok your wife bought online yesterday. Your trainers will be here tomorrow. Have you seen Stranger Things 8? Here's a link that I..."

(Door slams).

By the way, I've just remembered the name of that link I saved - "Macca's latest".

Now all I have to do is get round to listening to it.