Bring on the meteorite

I won't deny that it's sometimes funny. Other times less so, but it is true that the universalisation of stupidity provides a unique anthropological view of what's going on around us. Especially because human beings in general take little notice of detail.

Perhaps this common condition of ignorance comes from a population that prefers to watch celebrities living in the jungle on TV instead of acquiring knowledge to prevent people from taking them for a ride. Add to this the impulsive idiosyncrasy that has led us historically to join in the criticism before listening to the other side.

In reality, social media has replaced the bravado of bar talk, ignited by Soberano, with the fast and intense fingers of Twitter, encouraged by the always cowardly anonymity. This combines with the ignorance-fuelled audacity that causes many to lose their fear of making a fool of themselves. That leaves us with an explosive cocktail that has filled the world with idiots with airs of experts.

This has come up because it's difficult not to be perplexed at the succession of 'new trends' that often make you think it might be better if a big ball of fire fell on us, sending us straight to the sixth extinction, leaving just a few left to start again from scratch, accompanied by the resistant cockroaches.

The worst thing, for example about the anti-vaxx movement isn't what they think. The problem is that by not vaccinating their children they are putting them at risk and by extension everyone who lives around them by allowing this new outbreak of illnesses that we thought had been wiped out. It's as though all the progress made since Edward Jenner hadn't existed.

Less toxic, but no less idiotic, is the flat-Earth movement, you know the group who believe that the world is not a sphere. All they needed to do was read a few manuals, even some old school notes about Copernicus and Galileo, instead of sticking their heads in YouTube, Facebook and who knows where else.

However, that's probably too much to ask in this day and age when we're following a trial in which a specimen of those who call themselves YouTubers justifies making fun of a homeless man in front of the camera of his mobile phone with the excuse that it was just "a joke".

This is the common denominator among this crowd. They are all the product of the uncontrolled nonsense that flows freely around social media.

And perhaps it grows because we give too much priority to the superficial, the showcase. I hope that's the reason, at least. If not I really don't think it would be such a bad idea for that meteorite to come and end everything.