The good and the bad

The wave of racism that has arrived with the summer is frankly unbearable. It's true that this way of thinking cannot be attributed to the whole of society, but possibly to a relevant minority that expresses itself with special virulence on social networks and forums where recent news is discussed.

In response to the news that Diario SUR published last Sunday about the recent rescue on the high seas, the majority of the comments attributed malicious intentions to the shipwrecked migrants, putting in doubt the condition of these people in their time of need and speculating about a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy involving the migrants themselves, the mafias that trade in their desperation, the non-governmental organisations that save them from drowning, the government and the mayors of Madrid and Barcelona.

Obviously not everyone that read this news thought that way, but for a while now, those who invent conspiracies to back up their prejudices, their moral misery and their deep ignorance, have become especially active. It is scandalous, for example, that the images of the aggression of an illegal street trader towards a tourist in Barcelona are repeated day after day on morning TV, with the unarguable intention of making an isolated event the rule, rather than the exception.

This wave of racist activism coincided with the government's decision to allow the 'Aquarius' to dock in Valencia, and the subsequent visit of Pablo Casado to the Algeciras port where he assured us that there are 50 million Africans waiting to invade Europe and then accused the Sánchez government of encouraging the migrants to come to here. Maybe it is unfair to blame the opportunism of the PP leader for activating the racists.

However, it is sad to see how this offensive that describes a non-existent invasion, which could be discredited simply by exhibiting non-invented figures, has already been on the verge of achieving its first victory.

The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean will continue and giving in to this racist campaign can only turn us into another Italy. It is time to remember Gandhi's words: "I am not afraid of the evilness of bad people, I am terrified of the indifference of good people."