People of 183 nationalities used the Uber application last summer in Malaga. That's how its national director justified the deployment this summer of 200 vehicles on the Costa del Sol. At Uber they boast that their cars are comfortable and their drivers clean and friendly. The taxis will do their best to ensure that these vehicles are not so comfortable, as they see the deployment as an unacceptable interference, which is a bit like what's happening with PM Rajoy and Ciudadanos leader Rivera. What's most surprising of all is that there are so many nationalities. In the world there are 190 countries whose sovereignty is indisputable. A few more aren't recognised by everyone. Therefore there are seven countries whose inhabitants don't come to the Costa del Sol, or if they do, prefer to use a normal taxi rather than Uber. Or walk. On the Torremolinos census there are 130 nationalities. The maximum number of people a lift can take should be indicated in the languages of all these countries. The trouble is the notices would take up too much space and weigh enough to take the maximum cargo to a minimum. In Marbella the police have arrested a British fugitive who used 75 identities. Might it have been him who called Uber using a different passport each time? It's like the survey commissioned by the PP party in Malaga which puts them as clear winners. Might they have called the same person all the time?

I tend to answer surveys because the people who do them are only doing their job and I put myself in their position. I even put myself in other positions. They ask me my age and sometimes I'm no good to them. They explain that they have my age group covered and they only need a woman aged between fifty-five and sixty. So I offer myself up as a fifty-seven-year-old lady but they don't tend to accept me. They're professionals. Not only is it easy to be a fifty-seven-year-old woman for a while, it's also necessary. If we could observe the world through the eyes of another person we would understand a lot more. The adolescents who set fire to children's playgrounds ought to think of their little cousins. What does a fifty-seven-year-old woman see when she looks at what I'm looking at? I try to put myself in their place and I also try not to let them push in the queue at the greengrocer's. In my local greengrocer's there are a number of nationalities and then there's the fruit, which comes from all over. With fruit I'm like the new Catalan president and only want the native variety. It's fresh and hasn't needed boats or planes to reach my table. Amazon wants to deliver fruit and books and everything to our homes. We'll forget the pleasure of looking at fruit and books on the shelves. What is apparently more comfortable is not always better. In the Campo de Gibraltar there are also several nationalities and apparently the odd cartel. I hope you don't get invited to a communion round there.