Dog concern

The coming few months will see the arrival at animal rescue centres of all those cute puppies, kittens and pets, that were Christmas presents, but have now become older, bigger, require training and regular walks, and are no longer quite so welcome around the house.

Adana has already had to take back dogs that were adopted, had enjoyed the comfort and care from a warm, safe home, and now find themselves unwanted, and back in the shelter. Like most shelters, Adana will give the best possible care to these dogs, but it is nearly always a traumatic experience for them, and it often makes it harder to find new homes for them.

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, please consider the following; if you rent, does your contract allow pets? Have you considered that you or your partner may have allergies or might become pregnant? If you have young children, have you thought carefully about the breed and size of the dog?

A dog is for life. It is part of your family. It is not a toy or a object to be casually discarded. So whilst we are happy to see our dogs leave the shelter to go to new homes, we, and most importantly, the dogs, are not happy to see them brought back.

So our message is simple; a dog is for life. Think before you adopt. And ALWAYS adopt - never buy.