The human factor

During the next decade or so many jobs and commercial and professional activities will disappear in favour of robots and algorithms.

It's already started, and we have checkout-free stores and judges setting sentences using algorithms. There will no longer be bank clerks, financial analysts, winemakers, travel agents, taxi and truck drivers, pilots, construction workers, and probably no cooks. Artificial intelligence will take care of them all plus a few hundred more. It comes down to reducing costs by eliminating the human factor.

If you pay for your purchases using your smartphone, or prefer buying online, no interaction with any other person is required. It will be possible to live like a hermit.

There are many suppliers of pre-prepared meals by home delivery, but Blue Apron's USP is indeed unique. A 135 million dollar start-up and not yet in Europe, its US customers can choose from a menu that offers 365 recipes which never repeat.

The fresh ingredients for a gourmet meal to be cooked at home arrives by cold-chain and everything you need is in the parcel.

No longer will you have dozens of half-used bottles and packets in the kitchen cupboard. If the recipe says a clove of garlic, there is a clove of garlic. A glass of red wine? There it is in a small bottle. A pinch of cumin? Also.

All meat and fish is from sustainable sources, as is the fruit and vegetables together with ingredients for sauces. Dishes like fennel-crusted pork chops and fig compote, spicy black bean and kale enchiladas, catfish meuniere, beef and broccoli with persimmon rice, and barracuda with perfumed couscous, are a few examples. There are wines too.

All the customer has to do is follow the recipe and the meal is ready in no time - properly cooked. And to get it on the table you have not had to talk to anyone.