A month on Marbs

Today is the first day of September and many workers who stick to Spanish holiday traditions will be going back to the office after a 31-day break. This month-long holiday, that nowadays fewer people can, or even want, to take all in one go, gives the employees plenty of time to switch off, in theory.

Let’s imagine the lucky ones who have spent a whole month isolated with a tribe in Africa or in a tropical rainforest where Wi-Fi, radio or TV have never been heard of. So what will they have found when they woke up this morning?

Residents in Marbella will be astonished, or perhaps just bemused, to find that the local council seems to have gone back two years. Ángeles Muñoz is mayor once again and stands so comfortably in her old office in the photographs that you could almost imagine that the last two years under Socialist José Bernal were just a dream.

Since the vote of no confidence in the PSOE-led coalition was announced a couple of weeks ago, Bernal and his team have announced numerous projects they had started and hadn’t had time to finish. It’s understandable that they don’t want others to take the credit for their hard work; after all they will certainly be taking the flack for what the others find they haven’t done in the last two years.

However our local residents who have just landed from a month on Mars have not been here to see all that. They have just found that Ángeles is back.

The events of the last few weeks in Marbella show just how precarious a mayor’s position is. On one hand they are expected to change everything for the better, something which takes hard planning and time. However it only takes a couple of mates to fall out with you and go off with someone else to change everything and there you are, kicked out of your office.

The incoming team at the helm of the town hall maintain that their management of things from now on will be better.

Let’s hope they know how to recognise progress that has been made by their predecessors so the people of Marbella don’t feel like their council has been on holiday for two years.