Forever autumn

Wahaaay!! Here we go - the most wonderful time of the year is upon us once again. The month of September ushers in a marvellous period offering everything that's good about living in Malaga: cool breezes, darker evenings drawing in, the odd rainstorm or two and all with the added bonus of seeing far fewer old people in shorts pottering about. Rest assured, pensioners, your summer discomfort in the heat is nothing compared to ours, having to gaze upon your rampant varicose veins. Think on, for heaven’s sake.

September is also a time for reflection - much more so than the desperately forced and eternally disappointing New Year’s Eve when everything seems designed precisely to negate any possibility of pause for thought. Excess in all areas at the end of December leaves little time to think, let alone reflect. No, September is the perfect time to take stock. The children are back at school after their everlasting summer break (someone really needs to halve that - sorry, teachers) and those fortunate enough to be in work during a crisis that has lasted even longer than the school holidays, get back to their jobs leaving the streets relatively calm for slackers like me to wander around daydreaming.

Come October, the fun really starts - you can dig out last year’s jumpers, drink heavier beers more suited to the cooler weather and marvel at the barefaced effrontery of shops which dare to display their Christmas decorations three months early. Women wear exquisite autumn clothes while blokes continue to make do with whatever they find on the back of the nearest chair. The big cities find profundity of purpose once more, after the superficial pretence of summer and, even better, creative projects take on a new lease of life as chomping on sardines down at the beach becomes a far less attractive proposition in the chilly weather. There’s more: horse chestnut roasting stands pop up hither and yon, looking absolutely brilliant with their smoke rising in the cool evening air. To tell the truth, I’m not even that keen on the horse chestnuts themselves but I’ll often buy a bag just to show some support. It’d be a sad day if they ever disappear.

Perhaps the only thing that’s missing down here in autumn is the beautiful change in nature’s colours which wetter climes can boast but, hey, surely that’s a very small price to pay for the vast array of wonders that Andalucía has to offer.

Anyway, that’s enough twaddle for today - I’m off for an aimless wander. It’s daydream time.