A moment in time

I don't write often but I wanted to share a moment in time with readers. To set the scene: one day recently we went for a walk in the natural reserve of Juanar, which is in the mountains above Marbella.

It was an amazing day and as it was mid week, there were very few people about. We walked up through the pine forest, and then out along the dirt track that runs through the olive groves, which are on top of the mountain below La Concha.

The air was crisp, and there were still pockets of snow left from the incredibly unusual weather the previous week. The sky was blue with no cloud in sight, the sun warm on our faces, and the silence was perfect.

We sat quietly, and all we could hear were the various bird songs. It was total tranquility for the soul. We then walked on and finally came to the mirador.

As we approached we saw two elderly German ladies (as we discovered later) and a young couple enjoying their lunch. We stood taking in the magnificent view that stretched away down to the glittering sea.

Soon the young guy joined our conversation about a group of walkers who we'd seen climbing the ridge of La Concha.

It turned out he was training for football in Marbella, was from Paris, and his girlfriend was visiting on holiday. He was a fantastic young guy, friendly and chatty and we ended up talking about countries and cultures, languages, school and life, and the conversation was great.

We noted his guitar leaning on the wall. The conversation turned to that, and music in general, and inevitably the guitar came out. My boyfriend started playing, and we all started singing, and everyone was smiling and feeling great.

We joked about a free concert on the mountain top, and the German ladies said they were going to stay!

After my boyfriend finished, the young guy took his guitar and sat on the wall. He said he'd only been playing for three years and couldn't match up to my boyfriend. He was so humble. He then proceeded to sing the most beautiful song in French, whilst playing his guitar. It was a beautiful melody, and we all stood smiling and transfixed.

There we were on the mountain, blue sky, crisp air, with total strangers, listening to a lovely voice and the beautiful sound of the guitar.

When he'd finished we all clapped and smiled and there was something special in the atmosphere.

I asked for the name of the song as it was so lovely I wanted to download it. It turned out he'd written the song himself. It was beautiful.

I wanted to share that moment because there is so much pain and suffering in the world, people and nations fighting over religion, colour, creed, and greed and this was an amazing snip of time on the road of my life.

I've no doubt all our paths will never cross again, but there we were on a mountain top, perfect strangers, of different nationalities, probably different religions, different colours, and from a wide scope of ages, just enjoying the simple, but beautiful things in life.

Together for a tiny moment in time. A connection with the love of nature, our planet, and the wonderful music which has no boundaries.

In my life I've been lucky to travel a lot. I've made some amazing forever friends, and lasting relationships which I hope I'll have until I'm old and grey.

My path has crossed the lives of many people. I've shared a moment of joy, and unity with lots of people from all walks of life, for five minutes, half an hour, and then you never see them again. However, they leave a happy stamp on my heart and soul.

I hope this little story does for others too. In our busy lives maybe we should all just slow down sometimes. Giving a smile or a brief chat to a stranger can sometimes just make someone's day, and give you a lift to your heart and soul as well.