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Spain news

Nurse Teresa Romero is “in high spirits” and assured that if she does recover she will carry on treating others that have contracted the disease
With the Ebola crisis worsening Ana Mato still believes that doctors and nurses are sufficiently prepared
Spanish regions where there are calls for independence demand similar displays of democracy in this country
PSOE leader says the vote is "good news for Europe"
These animals are increasing in number and their territory appears to be expanding
A court decision has thwarted the Catalan authorities' plans to hold a referendum on 9 November
Between 2003 and 2012 the heads of the bank Caja Madrid spent 15.5 million euros on personal expenses using so-called 'black cards'
The Minister for the Treasury says that Spain's recovery has to be "cared for" with further reductions in deficit and public debt
Emilio Botín was considered one of the most powerful people in Spain and his family have run the bank for over a century
The variety of species and number of places for birdwatching in Andalucía makes this region particularly interesting for ornithologists