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Spain news

Figures show that numbers of illegal immigrants intercepted in Spain have doubled in the space of a year
Rodrigo Rato, who has also been managing director of the International Monetary Fund, was in police custody for several hours on Thursday as his home and office were searched
Podemos and Ciudadanos each want to be the political force which puts an end to the hegemony held by PP and PSOE for 33 years
This week the regional POSE leader Susana Díaz has held a round of meetings with her rivals to secure their support for her investiture
Samira Yerou, who is originally from Morocco and had been living in Spain for nine years, was arrested upon landing in Barcelona on Saturday
The DGT uses video surveillance and traffic cameras to check that vehicles have undergone their motor vehicle inspection (ITV)
The former president of the Junta de Andalucía was questioned by a judge at the Supreme Court in Madrid for four hours on Thursday
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The bank began bankruptcy protection proceedings on Monday after clients rushed to empty their accounts of cash
Thousands attended a Podemos rally to tell the government that its "time is up"