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Spain news

The King's sister has now paid the public liability bond the Mallorca court investigating the Nóos embezzlement case had demanded of her
The 2014 Expat Survey aims to compile fresh information about global migration and lifestyle
The weapon owned by the bodyguard who secretly married the queen of Spain has been sold at Bonhams
The CNI (Spanish intelligence agency) has filed a lawsuit against alleged fraudster Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias, otherwise known as ?pequeño Nicolás?
The elderly and eccentric aristocrat had been ill for a week and died on Thursday surrounded by her husband and six children
The European Commission continues to support the complaints that maintain that new regulations are discriminatory
The aristocrat who conquered the Belgians has died at 86
Puzzled by the pluscuamperfecto? Confused by the conditional? Infuriated by the imperative? An intensive Spanish course could be the solution
With one year until the general election, Rajoy has picked the PPCongreso spokesman, Alfonso Alonso to become health minister
Ainhoa Sánchez has become Spain's first wing walker and hopes to make it legal