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Spain news

Judge José Castro believes that he has enough evidence of Cristina's involvement in the 'Caso Nóos' and has requested she stand trial
The law was passed after a three-hour debate with 299 yes votes, 13 no votes and 23 abstentions, as focus now turns to the King?s immunity
At the age of eight, Leonor has been kept out of the spotlight by her parents, however all is to change as she will be future Queen of Spain
Neither PP or PSOE have much to celebrate after the giants failed to win half of Sunday?s votes between them
In a historic day at Madrid?s Las Ventas bullring three bullfighters were wounded and all activity suspended
Protesters in Malaga called for quality employment and a way out of the crisis
Protesters across the world have taken to the streets in an aim to restore a republic
Residents across the Costa del Sol give their opinions
Queen Sofía received a delegation from Macharaviaya and Pensacola who are calling for due recognition to be given to Bernardo de Gálvez
The launching of the new Astra 2E satellite, which will affect the reception of British TV programmes outside the UK, has been delayed at least until September