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Spain news

The DGT uses video surveillance and traffic cameras to check that vehicles have undergone their motor vehicle inspection (ITV)
Mike Kennedy, the legendary singer with the Spanish group Los Bravos, lives in Vitoria "with no pension" and still performs. He is preparing a reggae version of 'Black Is Black' to mark the group's 50th anniversary
Women must work 79 more days a year to earn the same as their male counterparts and must contribute for 11.5 more years to be entitled to the same pension
An excavation is taking place in a Madrid convent and a casket with the initials M.C. written on it was found last week
According to information provided by a former employee, money owned by Fernando Alonso and former Santander chief Emilio Botín was held in Swiss accounts
At Fitur's opening on Wednesday Junta president Susana Díaz inaugurated the Andalucía zone with an optimistic speech
Tómas Gómez has refused to step down quietly and has said that he will take the issue to the courts if need be
During a speech at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Felipe VI also stressed the importance of learning another language
Young Paraguayans who have made their instruments from rubbish at a landfill site have toured Spain and played for a queen
In one final attempt of the year last week, 102 sub-Saharan Africans were able to surprise security forces and make it into the Spanish enclave