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Spain news

Socialist victory in Andalucía
Susana Díaz, with 47 seats, falls short of an overall majority but plans to govern in minority
The Partido Popular has suffered the most at the hands of the voters, keeping hold of 33 seats, 17 fewer than in 2012
New political forces Podemos and Ciudadanos enter the Andalusian parliament with 15 and eight seats respectively
The fugitives may be leading normal lives in areas with a high number of foreign residents such as the Costa del Sol
The bank began bankruptcy protection proceedings on Monday after clients rushed to empty their accounts of cash
A tool designed by BBC World allows users to calculate how long it would take them to earn the same amount as the world?s top footballers
Samira Yerou, who is originally from Morocco and had been living in Spain for nine years, was arrested upon landing in Barcelona on Saturday
The DGT uses video surveillance and traffic cameras to check that vehicles have undergone their motor vehicle inspection (ITV)
The economic situation joins the list of Spanish stereotypes, while the siesta and flamenco disappear
Phil Money from Guaro wrote to the MP who represents the area he used to live in to receive clarification on how the payment is calculated
Thousands attended a Podemos rally to tell the government that its "time is up"
Tómas Gómez has refused to step down quietly and has said that he will take the issue to the courts if need be