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Spain news

Official events were held on the October 12th holiday, although councillors in Badalona defied a court order and opened up the town hall
The British Prime Minister and her Spanish counterpart promised to work together to maintain ties between the two countries
A federal committee meeting will be held on Sunday (October 23rd), where members will choose either to let the PP govern or force a third national general election
The besieged Socialist leader quit on Saturday evening after federal committee voted against an emergency party conference
Junts pel Sí and CUP vote to start a breakaway process, which could eventually lead to a referendum
Disgraced minister José Manuel Soria renounces his World Bank candidacy amid criticism from senior members of the Partido Popular
The Socialist PSOE has continued internal arguments this week under its caretaker leader, Javier Fernández
Ana Huete was on holiday with her Italian boyfriend, who escaped; Malaga firefighters and their rescue dogs are already at work in the disaster zone