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Spain news

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Fresh faces head up the foreign and interior ministries as the new PM urges dialogue with the opposition
Zuheros has many attractions including a Moorish castle, a gorge and a prehistoric cave
American expats living in Malaga province have given a mixed reaction to the news, with some expressing surprise, pride and embarrassment
The government had insisted that it had thepower to decide alone when to start the process of leaving the EU, but the judges disagree
The PP leader has been voted in as PM following the abstention of most MPs from the PSOE, who must now work to reunite their own divided party
68 Socialist MPs abstained in Saturday's vote clearing the way for a PP minority government. | Former PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez gave up his seat, calling for a party congress as soon as possible. 1 Thousands gathered in the streets to protest at the election of Rajoy
Official events were held on the October 12th holiday, although councillors in Badalona defied a court order and opened up the town hall
The Socialist PSOE has continued internal arguments this week under its caretaker leader, Javier Fernández
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Ana Huete was on holiday with her Italian boyfriend, who escaped; Malaga firefighters and their rescue dogs are already at work in the disaster zone