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Gibraltar news

EC chiefs crossed from Spain into Gibraltar before inspecting developments made since their last visit
Frontier workers were left queuing for more than an hour to get into Gibraltar on Monday morning after a bomb scare on the airport?s runway
A new report confirms what many people living in La Línea already knew - that the air quality is poor
Gibraltar border queue times set to increase in effort to reduce tobacco smuggling
The PSOE has criticised the PP Government for "raising a psychological barrier" between communities in La Línea and Gibraltar
No 6 announces new tactics to help improve lengthy queues including new technology, extra customs staff and an increase in tobacco duty
NatWest bank tells countless workers it can't cope with the demand and will consider taking on new customers at the end of April
Neil Costa Minister of Tourism for Gibraltar
Gibraltar's Alameda Botanic Garden Theatre will host the second festival with a variety of international artists
Organisers are now planning to bring the festival back next year in a bid to attract more visitors to the Rock
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