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Gibraltar news

Seven positions have been advertised for the Rock's university ? although building work on the main campus at Europa Point has yet to begin
Language students at Gibraltar's Cervantes Institute say the closure will be a 'disaster' for those learning Spanish
Spanish vessels have entered Gibraltar waters 69 times this month ? prompting government chiefs to hire a maritime legal expert
The Rock?s three-day Literary Festival announces its full programme
The Spanish ambassador?s actions have been labelled ?appalling? after his letter to US politicians was published by a UK newspaper
Gibraltar's blackouts could soon be a thing of the past after a contract for a multi-million power station was signed
The Gibraltar Chief Minister’s first official speech in the capital passed without incident last Tuesday
The border was shut for two hours on Sunday after reports of smoke coming from luggage on an easyJet plane
London has accused Madrid of trying to “force negotiations” over the Rock’s sovereignty during an EU wide aviation agreement
Actors and actresses can now apply to be part of the Rock's annual amateur event in March next year
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