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Gibraltar news

It may be tiny, but the Rock now boasts the planet?s most impressive home ? a snip at £10.9 million!
The Rock?s three-day Literary Festival announces its full programme
Dozens were evacuated from the area after the blaze erupted at the hotel's service entrance last Sunday afternoon
Gibraltar's blackouts could soon be a thing of the past after a contract for a multi-million power station was signed
Organisers of Gibraltar?s Literary Festival are celebrating after a record number of visitors attended this year's event
The Gibraltar Cultural Services and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority (GEA) are presenting this year?s Festival of Lights 21 November at John Mackintosh Square
Turbulence expected as Gibraltar sends its Deputy Chief Minister to Brussels to discuss the Single European Sky project
Spanish vessels have entered Gibraltar waters 69 times this month – prompting government chiefs to hire a maritime legal expert
Over 100 soldiers took part in the event to test the reaction of the Rock’s emergency services
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