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Gibraltar news

Organisers of Gibraltar?s Literary Festival are celebrating after a record number of visitors attended this year's event
Adrenaline junkie Tom Lackey is set to take to the skies for his 34th challenge to keep the memory of his wife alive
Education will be rocked by the opening of the Rock's University in the South District next year
The Gibraltar Cultural Services and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority (GEA) are presenting this year?s Festival of Lights 21 November at John Mackintosh Square
National Day brought thousands into Casemates Square to listen to speeches by the Chief Minister and other politicians
rances Knowles spent a day as a special guest touring Gibraltar’s diving facility after her late husbands equipment was donated to the Royal Navy
The Rock’s three-day Literary Festival announces its full programme
The project is embroiled in an ongoing legal battle with former contractors OHL but state-owned company GJBS is to finish works
The species had been declining in numbers but young birds have been brought from Morocco in order to breed and increase the population
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