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Costa del Sol news

Vicente Delgado, 23, was named online World Champion of High Poker this week, pocketing 491,909 euros.
Susana Gutiérrez - Malaga cruise terminal manager
Even after handing over her jewellery, her assailant hit her more than 20 times in the face to the point that she thought he was going to kill her
According to European Commission survey Malagueños are more satisfied with their city than any other population in Spain
With La Concepción at 30% of its capacity, houses once occupied by farmers of the Vega de Río Verde in Istán have emerged from the water
The system which measures an average speed between two markers began functioning at the beginning of July
President Susana Díaz announces change to article 185 of Andalucía's LOUA which will benefit illegal property owners
The College of Economists forecasts positive signs of recovery but is critical of banks for not lending enough


The council says the chosen site is ideal but a pressure group opposes it because the bus station will be opposite a school
Malaga CFowner Sheikh Al Thani arrived in Malaga this week as he met Javi Gracia and aims to resolve issues over the club's academy
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