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Costa del Sol news

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The 42-year-old, who police have named as Emiel B., is believed to have been involved in a series of murders in which at least 15 people have died in the past three years
Silent protests were held across the region following the nightclub massacre
Patients and professionals were satisfied with the first day of work at the new facility in Cártama
The amount raised by this tax reached a high of 135.7 million euros in 2015 because of the tax rates set by town halls and the rateable values of properties
Disagreements between institutions, financial restrictions, tensions between different political forces in town halls and five months of a caretaker government have halted a number of major projects
Fuengirola is only the second town in the country to allow payment for exact length of stay with Malaga set to follow in upgrading its app
The 25-year-old TOWIE celebrity is in intensive care after a fight at Aqwa Mist in the early hours of Monday morning
After stating its virtually unanimous opinion that the UK should stay in the EU, the BCC in Spain heard the macro views of researcher Nick Kounis


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The developers of the new commercial and leisure centre to be built in the town have agreed on road improvements with local businesses
The mayor of Torremolinos has described the return of the hamburger chain to the Plaza Costa del Sol as a turning point for the town
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