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Costa del Sol news

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The new metro service was inaugurated on Wednesday and the first train set off just after midday
With ten months to go before the council elections, Town Halls are spending money on improvements to local streets and are speeding up major projects
The Costa del Sol has grown in this sector and last year took 52 per cent of the total figure of 30 million visits in Andalucía
An agreement is to be signed in the next few days and includes a withdrawal of the suits presented in court by all three parties
Chinese are moving to Malaga province from other parts of Spain because of the climate and lower prices
Marbella will be home to Andalucía's first classroom made out of natural materials if a local charity can raise 71,000 euros
Verónica Frías, a young mother, 24, was stabbed eight times in another case of domestic violence
The region has ended the first half of the year with an increase of 14%, double the national average and a welcome surprise for the tourist industry


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There are 220 steps up to the cathedral roof which will soon be open for public tours
New fundraising methods are called for after Guardia Civil informs organisation that their quiz and raffle is against the law
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