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Costa del Sol news

Huge clouds of black smoke and flames could be seen from the city centre as the fire raged in an area which has protected status
The cruise liner will be docking twice in September, brining in 800,000 euros to the city
Due to an increase in take off and landings, both runways will be in operation every Sunday and Monday throughout August
Miguel Pajares, a priest from Toledo, has died after being repatriated to Madrid to be treated for the ebola virus which he contracted in Liberia
A number of mass attempts to enter Spain by sea, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, left the Cadiz town of Tarifa overwhelmed
The pork market has been particularly affected after the Kremlin banned all such exports
The Junta and Marbella council have signed an agreement to offer 75 allotments in the Parque de los Tres Jardines to retirees and unemployed


The attacking midfielder from Cadiz has been on good form during the pre-season and is a promising alternative to Duda when taking free kicks
Spain says it loses 1,000 million euros a year through contraband tobacco
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