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Costa del Sol news

In wake of the early summer temperatures, hundreds of sunseekers packed out beaches along the south coast over the weekend
Malaga's Archivo Provincial has brought out documents that led to the village of Peñarrubia being swallowed up by the waters of the Guadalhorce
Emotionless throughout the trial, Miguel Ángel was found guilty Wednesday morning after standing trial for murdering his former partner and young son
The 103rd session of the WTO Executive Council, part of the UN, was held in the city this week; leaders hailed the event as one of the best yet
The withdrawal of the UK from the EU would have more economic than political consequences because it is a key market for tourism and local exporters
After stating its virtually unanimous opinion that the UK should stay in the EU, the BCC in Spain heard the macro views of researcher Nick Kounis
Many European retirees have returned home as they have grown older, and the economic crisis has also forced some immigrants to return to their own countries


The developers of the new commercial and leisure centre to be built in the town have agreed on road improvements with local businesses
The mayor of Torremolinos has described the return of the hamburger chain to the Plaza Costa del Sol as a turning point for the town
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