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Costa del Sol news

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The famous designer has now presented the project, which will be privately funded, to the regional government's Head of Tourism and to Ronda council
The cancer care hospice foundation cared for 25 per cent more people in 2014 with a great increase in volunteers
The Association of Snail Breeders begins the production of ?white caviar? for both the Spanish market and for exportation
The only change is that own-brand items are not as popular as they were, but that is because well-known brands have reduced their prices
The police intercepted the drug, which has a street value of a million euros, during routine passenger checks at the port in Malaga
A third youth, aged 16, stopped breathing for four minutes and is being treated in the Costa del Sol hospital
Daniel Muñoz with two times championship horse Fer Bago and the El Romerito stud farm were winners in the equestrian competition held in Coín
The companies have programmed 69,300 flights on the 194 routes which they will be operating during the peak season


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The owners of new properties that have been discovered during initial checks in 29 municipalities will pay an average of 215 euros more in IBI and a further 508 euros in charges
Sixty people have been arrested, the majority of them British, in connection with a scam in which foreign residents handed over sums as high as 50,000 euros
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