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Costa del Sol news

In spite of a registered fall in the numbers of British holidaymakers coming to Andalucía, the marked increase in Asian visitors makes up for the shortfall
The MAD Antequera is a welcome addition to the already vibrant art scene in the town and it is starting with two temporary exhibitions
Their lawyer explains that although the five year old will have to continue rehabilitation treatment at a local hospital, recent tests for brain cancer have proved negative
T.O.P.S. have raised 1,200 euros for charities including Cudeca, CHAIN, Cáritas, Sharon's rescue and Valhalla
Del Bosque has rewarded the forward?s impressive season as he makes the national team for the first time ahead of tonight?s Euro qualifier
Diana Worthy is an artist who creates wall hangings made from felted alpaca fleece
Last week's rain eased the drought in the countryside and raised water levels
Those affected by the alleged exterminations at Parque Animal complain that the legal process, which began in 2011, is taking far too long


The owners of new properties that have been discovered during initial checks in 29 municipalities will pay an average of 215 euros more in IBI and a further 508 euros in charges
Sixty people have been arrested, the majority of them British, in connection with a scam in which foreign residents handed over sums as high as 50,000 euros
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