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Costa del Sol news

The park and avenue, opened last Friday evening, has been built by a consortium of local firms at a cost of six million euros and 16 months of works
The Nerja and Costa del Sol DFAS groups met in the city for a talk on Expressionism and a concert
A new book looks at writings by female foreign travellers about the English Cemetery in Malaga
One fell partially into the hole with his bike then later the same day a four-year-old fell down completely into what was an eight metre drop
This city in Cadiz province celebrates with wine, sweets and plenty of music
Rain failed to stop the fundraising at the festive event organised by the Cudeca charity shop in Coín last week
The IU joined with the ruling PSOE to impose a moratorium on the mining technique until studies prove it to be safe
The owners of the shopping centre went ahead with the creation of a 6,500 square metre commercial space without the correct council licences


José Rodríguez of Mijas received a special award from the International Congress of Mathematicians
The CEO of the tour operator and the airline says Malaga is the fifth most important destination in the world for the company
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