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Malaga news

Spanish regions where there are calls for independence demand similar displays of democracy in this country
PSOE leader says the vote is "good news for Europe"
Vicente Delgado, 23, was named online World Champion of High Poker this week, pocketing 491,909 euros.
With La Concepción at 30% of its capacity, houses once occupied by farmers of the Vega de Río Verde in Istán have emerged from the water
The plaza in the centre of Madrid was unveiled on Monday by the city's mayor and Thatcher?s son Mark before being covered in protest stickers
Isidoro Álvarez is said to have revolutionised the retail business in Spain
The species had been declining in numbers but young birds have been brought from Morocco in order to breed and increase the population
The project is embroiled in an ongoing legal battle with former contractors OHL but state-owned company GJBS is to finish works
President Susana Díaz announces change to article 185 of Andalucía's LOUA which will benefit illegal property owners
There are ten competitors from Gibraltar competing in the European Summer Games in Brussels
Emilio Botín was considered one of the most powerful people in Spain and his family have run the bank for over a century


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