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Malaga news

The judge is waiting to receive information from the Malaga hospital where the five-year-old British boy remains in a stable condition
A Colorado-based company that focuses its interests on acquiring residential assets in the hands of the banks, has set its sights on Marbella for the birthplace of its European expansion
An agreement is needed by 4th September to save the company, which has debts of 900 million euros, from bankruptcy
Charity workers and Seprona officers went to the rescue when a pig was spotted trapped in a water tank
The council says the chosen site is ideal but a pressure group opposes it because the bus station will be opposite a school
The Town Hall warns residents that gas inspectors never visit without prior arrangement
The cruise liner will be docking twice in September, brining in 800,000 euros to the city
A number of mass attempts to enter Spain by sea, crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, left the Cadiz town of Tarifa overwhelmed
Miguel Pajares, a priest from Toledo, has died after being repatriated to Madrid to be treated for the ebola virus which he contracted in Liberia


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