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Malaga news

The reform would have made abortion illegal except when there was risk to the mother's health or in cases of rape
Charmaine Arbouin and Rosslyn Crotty were given a guided tour of the facilities by senior staff and said they were very impressed
The victim was found lying next to her employer, while his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer's, was in bed oblivious
Seven years after the Law of Historical Memory was approved, tens of thousands of families of Civil War vitims are still waiting for closure
More than 5,000 have signed the petition in under a week, 17 per cent of the Rock's population
Malaga's courts gave Pantoja and five others ten days to comply voluntarily or face being arrested and taken to prison by force
With the global shortage of drug ZMapp the health authorities were examining alternative treatments for Manuel García Viejo
The multinational group, owned by the Satli-Iglesias family and based in Marbella, has more than 30 luxury hotels worldwide
The plaza in the centre of Madrid was unveiled on Monday by the city's mayor and Thatcher’s son Mark before being covered in protest stickers
Vicente Delgado, 23, was named online World Champion of High Poker this week, pocketing 491,909 euros.