Coronavirus deaths in Spain soar to 130 in a day

A vaccination centre in Valencia.
A vaccination centre in Valencia. / EFE
  • The country's Covid-19 cumulative incidence rate has continued to fall and dropped almost 20 points in the last 24 hours

It was a bittersweet scenario that Spain's Ministry of Health had been expecting for days and that is now beginning to come true: the number of coronavirus infections is dropping but, simultaneously, the number of deaths is rocketing.

The strong growth in infections during the beginning of July is starting to be reflected three weeks later in the morgues with 130 deaths in just 24 hours, a figure that has not been seen since 11 May when Spain was still suffering the effects of the fourth wave.

However, in just one day Spain’s cumulative incidence rate fell almost 20 points, from 673.52 to 653.81 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a drop that has not been seen for weeks.

Behind this important decrease is the dramatic reduction in new infections. This Tuesday (3 August) the Ministry of Health reported 20,327 new infections, the lowest number since Friday, 8 July, when Spain was heading towards the peak of the fifth wave.