Pablo Iglesias loses his ponytail

Pablo Iglesias loses his ponytail
  • The former Podemos leader has changed his iconic hairstyle after abandoning politics

Pablo Iglesias has cut off the ponytail that has characterised him since he appeared on the national political scene in 2014.

His tied-back long hair even featured on election ballot papers before Podemos was a well-known party.

In fact, his ex-right hand man, Íñigo Errejón, believed that the best strategy for winning votes was to put the image of Iglesias and his ponytail onto the papers, hoping people would associate the two with Podemos.

The former second deputy prime minister left politics after the left wing groups flopped in the Madrid regional elections on 4 May. Scarcely a week later he no longer has the ponytail that he had sported for years or even the bun style that he adopted during his time in the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez.

Iglesias’ future is subject to debate. One certainty is that, with or without his ponytail, he will try to return to lecturing. Iglesias said from the beginning that his stint in politics would be brief because his passion was teaching at university.

There are also speculations that he might return to television, appearing on further reaching channels than those that broadcast the political debate shows of his early career.