Andalucía considers sourcing its own Covid vaccines if the national supply doesn't improve

Juanma Moreno visiting the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority on Wednesday.
Juanma Moreno visiting the Bay of Cadiz Port Authority on Wednesday. / EFE
  • The Junta's president is in favour of joint EU purchasing, but he hasn't ruled out the region acting alone because of the 'infuriating' rate of supply from Spain's central government

The head of the Junta de Andalucía has said that if the supply of coronavirus vaccines from central government doesn’t improve the region will consider going it alone and sourcing its own vaccines.

Juanma Moreno was speaking in Cadiz on Wednesday, 7 April, when he admitted he finds the slow arrival of doses to the region "infuriating".

Moreno called on the prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, to pressure the European Union to get more doses, and said he can’t understand that "in other parts of the planet they are vaccinating at a better rate than in Europe".

"Our Moroccan neighbours have more people vaccinated than Andalucía and the whole of Spain; it does not make any sense," he pointed out.

"Europe is one of the leading and most prosperous regions in the world and that leadership has to be demonstrated in the field of vaccines," he said.

The president of the regional government pointed out that, since the beginning of the health crisis, the Andalusian government has agreed that the acquisition of vaccines should be done centrally by the European Union, since with the economies of scale it is easier to do it for a population of 370 million.

"But now," he warned, "given the exasperating pace with which vaccines are arriving, this is forcing some countries and regions to individually negotiate the purchase of vaccines," and he said that that Junta could take the initiative to contact the pharmaceutical companies.

"We have to remedy this situation, because if the European and national authorities do not do it urgently, the possibility that many regions will unilaterally negotiate for vaccines, will probably multiply," he said.