Spanish region 'pauses' AstraZeneca vaccinations as 'a precautionary measure'

Vaccination of people in the Miguel Delibes auditorium.
Vaccination of people in the Miguel Delibes auditorium. / ALBERTO MINGUEZA
  • The Castilla y León region will wait for the latest assessment from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), due this Wednesday, before deciding whether to resume

The Castilla y León region in Spain has decided to suspend vaccinations with doses of AstraZeneca "as a precaution" according to a statement from the regional government.

The region intends to "pause" vaccinations with the British formula until the latest report into the safety of the vaccine from the Risk Assessment Committee of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), due this Wednesday (7 April), is known.

The EMA launched a new investigation into the AstraZeneca vaccine after learning about new episodes of blood clots in inoculated people which have caused several countries to stop vaccinations again.

The European Medicines Agency has investigated at least 44 cases of strange blood clots - 14 of them resulting in death - after more than nine million jabs have been administered in the European Union.

Although the United Kingdom maintains its confidence in its vaccine and continues its massive inoculation campaign with the Oxford University formula, AstraZeneca announced on Tuesday that it was pausing the clinical trial of its vaccine in children while the UK drug regulatory agency thoroughly investigated such embolisms.

The study began last February and the and the vaccine was being administered to minors between 6 and 17 years old, without any cases of thrombi being reported in this age group.