Guardia Civil officers save the life of a woman who was choking on a sandwich


CCTV captures the moment when officers stepped forward to help the woman. / GUARDIA CIVIL

  • The officers were having a coffee at a service station near Albacete when they were called into action

A 49-year-old woman from Madrid will always be grateful to the Guardia Civil of Aguas Nuevas (Albacete) because a couple of officers from the barracks saved her life.

The woman was eating a sandwich at the bar of a service station near Albacete when, suddenly, she started choking.

Fortunately, a few metres away from her there was a pair of Guardia Civil officers having a coffee and she approached them, sandwich in hand, unable to speak and making obvious gestures that she was choking because her airway was obstructed.

The officers, seeing the expression on her face and the bluish colour of her lips, began to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre to free the blockage and at the same time they called the 112 emergency number.

Several agonising minutes later, the woman began to breathe lightly and fully regained consciousness.

After being examined by the health services who arrived at the bar, she was allowed to continue her trip back to Madrid.

The Heimlich manoeuvre first aid technique is based on a series of abdominal compressions under the diaphragm and should only be carried out when the victim has a blockage of the airways due to the ingestion of a food or an object.