Vaccination of the over-70s begins this week as Andalucía reaches 92 per cent of the over-80s

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  • The Junta's president acknowledged it is proving difficult to locate the remaining eight per cent of the over-80s as many of them don't have a mobile phone or they live in isolated areas

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has announced this Monday (5 April) that the regional government will start vaccinating people over 70 years of age this week after reaching 92 per cent of those over 80.

Speaking in Seville, Moreno said, "There are still eight per cent of those over 80 to vaccinate, but it is not easy to locate them since many of them do not have a mobile phone or live in isolated areas and it is difficult to contact their relatives. But we are doing everything we can to find them.”

Moreno has said that this week the Junta will try to locate all these people who remain so that "over the next ten days they are all vaccinated".

The call for people between 70 and 79 years old to be vaccinated begins this week and will be made through SMS text messages.

Last week the Junta's spokesperson Elías Bendodo also outlined that the regional government planned to start the vaccination of the over 65s and high-risk patients from 15 April.

AstraZeneca administered among the under-65s

Before the Easter holiday the regional government's Health minister, Jesús Aguirre, had pledged to use all the Junta's stock of the AstraZeneca vaccine for the under-65s - which is the maximum age authorised for that formula. Last week (29 March) the Junta had started to vaccinate members of the general public aged between 55 and 65 years old with the AstraZeneca formula - starting with those born in 1956 - as it was nearing completion of the vaccination campaign for essential workers who were the first recipients of the University of Oxford formula.

Fake news and hoaxes

Speaking this Monday, the Andalusian president asked people not to spread hoaxes and fake news to avoid what happened last weekend in Seville when 2,000 people showed up to be vaccinated without an appointment.

Andalucía, leaders in Spain

Moreno highlighted that Andalucía is the leader in the delivery of vaccines in Spain, and is the region that has given the most vaccines to people over 80 years of age. Moreno pointed out that Andalucía has already exceeded one million people vaccinated with at least one dose, while more than half a million already have the complete cycle of two doses which amounts to 6.16 per cent of the population.

"Today we have exceeded one million people vaccinated in Andalucía, some 11.76 per cent of the population, and we want to continue this effort because we have the capacity to do so and give many more vaccines."

He again called on the national government for more doses, “We have the capacity to give half a million vaccines a week to fulfil the objective of having 70 per cent of the population vaccinated in the summer and recovering our lives, our health and our economic recovery,” Moreno stressed.