Junta's committee of experts to meet this week to evaluate new post-Easter Covid measures

A previous meeting of the 18 independent professionals and the Junta.
A previous meeting of the 18 independent professionals and the Junta. / SUR
  • The region's current coronavirus restrictions, due to end on Friday, will be reviewed now the Holy Week holidays have ended

The Junta de Andalucía's coronavirus crisis committee of experts will meet again this week, now the Easter holiday period is over, to analyse the latest pandemic data in the region and also to evaluate new control measures or the modification of the current ones.

The committee of experts, made up of 18 independent professionals, has a meeting scheduled for this Wednesday, 7 April, two days before the current restrictions end on Friday, 9 April.

The region is anxiously waiting to see the impact the Easter holiday period has had on the number of new infections and the experts will have to decide on the main measures in the fight against Covid, such as the night curfew, the opening hours of bars, restaurants and shops and the perimeter lockdown, both in the provinces and the Andalusian region.

Until 9 April the night curfew is from 11pm to 6am and the closing hours of bars and shops considered non-essential is 10.30pm.

The experts and the Andalusian government experts will decide if it is necessary to change these time slots for next week.

It is still prohibited to leave (or enter) each province and the region without “just cause” and "Andalucía is the only region that closed its provinces to try to prevent the impact from being greater," reminded the Junta’s president Juanma Moreno this week.

What will continue to be in force is the system of municipal restrictions according to the incidence rate of the virus. Municipalities that have rates of more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants will have perimeter confinement and those that exceed 1,000 cases must close non-essential businesses.