Spanish police warn of new fake 'Amazon' email and website phishing scam

The Guardia Civil  warned of the scam on its social networks.
The Guardia Civil warned of the scam on its social networks. / SUR
  • The Guardia Civil cybercrime team warn that the email and website attempt to impersonate the identity of the internet shopping giant

Spain's Guardia Civil cybercrimes team has warned the public of a new scam involving fake emails that appear to be from Amazon.

The police say the objective is to refer the user, through a link provided in the mail, to a fraudulent website that pretends to be that of the internet giant.

The website asks the user to complete a survey to be eligible for electronic products and gift cards for a negligible amount, but in order to receive them, they must first provide their personal and bank details.

Emails are often identified with the subject "Dear ..." or "You have a package located in the Amazon distribution centre ...", although they may be using other lines.

In the body of the message, the user is invited to complete a survey via a link to the website as quickly as possible to, supposedly, receive the best prizes.

After several questions, the page redirects to a catalogue of products to be chosen as a prize. That is when you have to fill in a form with personal data including name, address, telephone number, postcode, telephone number and email address.

On some products, once the personal data has been filled in, it is necessary to add credit card information and make a payment of a token amount of money.

Once the information is sent, the page will give an error message, but the cybercriminals will have already obtained all the information they need to commit their cybercrimes.

The Guardia Civil has warned of the scam on its social networks and again reminded the public of the importance of not providing personal or banking information on the internet.