A million people in Spain have now received both doses of a Covid vaccine

A member of the military receives the AstraZeneca vaccine.
A member of the military receives the AstraZeneca vaccine. / EFE
  • The pharmaceutical companies have delivered 2.9 million doses, of which 83% have already been admininstered

Forty-seven days after Spain started its coronavirus vaccination campaign on 27 December in a care home in Guadalajara, the country has now officially chalked up a million people who have been given both doses of the vaccine.

According to figures from the Health Ministry, this Friday (12 February) the total of people having both jabs reached 1.000.485, that is, just over 2.1% of the 47-million population of Spain.

The vaccination rate over the last months and half, however, differs significantly from the speed that would allow the country to meet its target of having 70% of the population vaccinated by the end of the summer, in order to achieve herd immunity.

Since the start of the campaign, Spain has received a total of 2,914,755 doses, of which 83.1% - or 2,423,045 - have been administered, that is, just over 51,000 a day. However if the country wants to see 33 million people vaccinated by the end of September, it would need to be giving a quarter of a million jabs every day.

The ministry points out, however, that these first few weeks have seen supply problems and production readjustments, among other delays.

Of the 2.4 million doses already administered in Spain, the vast majority (more than 2.3 million) were the Pzifer/BionTech vaccine.

The rest were the Moderna vaccine, 73,689 jabs, and AstraZeneca 17,416 jabs.

The AstraZeneca is only being administered to people under the age of 55 as the Health Ministry vetoed its use in those over that age due to a lack of clinical trials of its efficacy in older people.