Food allergy alert: Snacks withdrawn from sale in Spain and "don't consume" warning issued

Fascinations Wasabi and Crunchips Wow Wasabi.
Fascinations Wasabi and Crunchips Wow Wasabi. / AESAN
  • The Spanish agency for food safety and nutrition (Aesan) has issued the alert to consumers allergic or intolerant to mustard

The Spanish agency for food safety (Aesan) has issued a warning about the presence of undeclared mustard in a wasabi snack from Germany and sold in Spain.

Mustard is an ingredient whose declaration on the label is mandatory because it is a substance that can cause different reactions in allergic or intolerant people.

Wasabi snacks

The Spanish agency learned of the incident thanks to an alert sent by the Hungarian health authorities through the European Food Alert Network (Rasff).

“The Hungarian health authorities have reported that during a control protocols a the company itself, the presence of mustard was detected in the wasabi product.

“Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World has initiated a recall of the products and outlined the actions to recover the product from consumers to avoid the possible risks in case of consumption by people suffering from mustard allergies," says Aesan.

The two products in question are Fascinations Wasabi (with consumption date 19.01.2021 / 02.03.2021 / 21.03.2021 / 02.05.2021 / 11.07.2021 / 01.08.2021) and Crunchips Wow Wasabi (14.05.2021 / 19.05.2021), both snacks flavoured with the powerful Japanese seasoning that is sold in 100 and 110-gramme bags.

Aesan explains, that at the moment it is only known that the distribution of both snacks has taken place in Catalonia. However, the agency has transferred this information to the relevant authorities across the regions of Spain through the Coordinated System for Rapid Exchange of Information (Sciri), "in order to make sure the affected products are removed from sale".

Consumers allergic or intolerant to mustard are recommended to avoid eating the affected products.

"The consumption of this product does not involve any risk for other consumers", concludes Aesan.