Andalucía urges Spain’s national government for clarity about UK flights

Andalucía urges Spain’s national government for clarity about UK flights
  • At the moment Spain is still allowing flights from the UK but has intensified test requirement controls at the airports

The new strain of coronavirus detected in the United Kingdom has set off alarms and put the whole of Europe on guard.

Fear of this variant of the virus, which spreads faster (the WHO fears that it is "70 per cent more contagious"), has led countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and the Netherlands to suspend flights with the UK.

Spain has decided not to close flights - for now - but the Government had said the requirement for passengers to carry a negative PCR test result will be intensified.

But the new situation has raised concerns, especially in regions like Andalucía, which is a popular entry point for the British into Spain.

On Sunday, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, complained about the "lack of information" on the part of the national government of Prime Minister Sánchez, who he asked for "speed".

"The Government says that we must wait for the decisions of the EU (European Union), but we cannot give certainty to the Andalusians who want to return from the United Kingdom, many of them through Malaga airport," he said.

On Monday morning Spain's Health Minister Salvador Illa, spoke in favour of coordinated decisions across the EU with regard to the new strain of the virus.

A meeting is due to take place on a European level later on Monday morning.