Spain to roll out Covid-19 vaccinations nationally on 27 December

A patient is vaccinated in the United States.
A patient is vaccinated in the United States. / EFE
  • The Health minister has announced that the all the autonomous regions across the country will start at the same time

Spain's Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced that coronavirus vaccination Spain will begin on Sunday, 27 December, the date set by the European Union to begin the immunisation process.

The minister revealed that on the 26 December or the following morning Pfizer will send the first doses to Spain.

"We are ready to vaccinate as soon as we receive them," he said.

“We don't want to wait a single day. It is not the end, but vaccines are the beginning of the end. If Europe has asked for a coordinated vaccination on December 27, 28 or 29, we will begin on the first day, the 27, "insisted Illa.

The minister said that Spain is waiting to know the number of doses it is going to receive. "It will be a significant number, although not all that we would like", he declared. "The arrival of the vaccines will be a gradual process. We will receive doses weekly and distribute them to the autonomous regions in a balanced way," he added.

Illa stressed that the start of vaccination will be simultaneous throughout the country.

"All the regions are ready to start on the 27th and they all want to start vaccinating on the the same day," the minister pointed out.

"Our country has great experience in vaccination and the regions have done a great job preparing since September."

The first people to be vaccinated will be the residents of residential centres for the elderly and their caregivers, as established in the vaccination plan.

In total, 2.5 million people will be immunised during the first quarter of 2021.

The Ministry has not revealed where the doses will arrive in Spain but said that they will be heavily guarded during the distribution process around the country.