Spain reports more than 1,500 new Covid-19 cases in one day

Spain reports more than 1,500 new Covid-19 cases in one day
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  • Aragon with 511 new positive tests, and Madrid with 372, together made up more than half of the new cases reported on Friday

Spain continues to break records in terms of new Covid-19 cases reported since the country came out of lockdown and embarked on what has become known as the 'new normal'.

Friday's new positive test figure broke the 1,500 case barrier, just a few days after reaching 1,000 for the first time since lockdown.

We have to go back to 27 April (when 1,831 positives were reported) to find the last daily figure that was higher than this Friday's 1,525 new cases.

More worrying, however, is the day-on-day increase rate, nearly 24%. Since Monday this week when the Health Ministry reported 855 new cases, the numbers of new diagnoses have increased by 78%. This is even higher than the fastest increase during the initial wave of the virus, although the ministry points out that then there was not the high level of testing and detection that there is now.

More than 500 outbreaks

The vast majority of the new cases can be located within the more than 500 localised outbreaks currently being monitored by the health authorities, and these remain concentrated in specific hotspots.

In Aragon, with groups of cases in Zaragoza expanding still out of control, 511 new positive cases were reported on Friday. Next in line is the region of Madrid, with 372 new infections within the numerous outbreaks declared in recent days. Between them, Aragon and Madrid make up 57% of the total new cases reported on Friday in Spain.

The situation also grew worse on Friday in the Basque Country, with 158 new positive cases, and Andalucía, with 107.

Better news for Catalonia

Friday's figures appear to show that Catalonia is starting to bring its Covid hotpots under control, especially in Barcelona where the regional authority had been considering new lockdown restrictions if the situation grew worse.

Thre region reported just 64 new cases on Friday, the lowest daily figure since the beginning of July.

Over the last few days the epidemiological situation in Spain in general has deteriorated to produce more negative data. The 14-day cumulative incidence of infection shot up on Friday to 57 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, twice as high as ten days ago, and 700% more than at the end of June when the indicator was at an all-time low.

12 deaths in a week

The Health Ministry reported 12 Covid-19 deaths registered during the week up to Friday, the highest figure since the beginning of July, but far from the daily death figures of more than a thousand reported in April.

The number of Covid patients admitted to hospital in the last week was at 472 on Friday; 27 patients have been admitted to intensive care in Spain in the last week.

The average age of people found to be infected by coronavirus in Spain has dropped from 66 to 40.