Small spike in Covid-19 cases detected in Spain

PCR test in Pamplona this week.
PCR test in Pamplona this week. / EP
  • The Ministry of Health has refused to rule out the risk of a second wave this summer if social distancing guidelines are not adhered to

National data on Covid-19 cases in Spain appeared to confirm a small spike on Thursday, reversing the steady downward trend of recent days.

The national Ministry of Health figures came against a background of reports of unexpected isolated outbreaks and government scientists refusing to rule out the possibility of a second wave this summer if people didn't follow social distancing guidelines.

The number of new cases reported in the previous 24 hours on Thursday (18 June) was 143, the highest since 12 June when it was 155 up on the previous day. After three consecutive days this week with fewer than 100 cases (48, 40 and 76), on Wednesday 141 cases were reported, which increased slightly on Thursday.

The number of deaths in the previous seven days was also the highest it had been since 8 June. According to Thursday's data there were 52 deaths in the last week. This is double what the ministry had been stating since the previous Friday, however there was still ongoing inconsistency with separate data from the different regions.

This week small outbreaks were reported at different points of the country, including at two seniors' homes in the northern city of Valladolid and at a hostel in Algeciras, Cadiz province, where a 78-year-old man died.