Ferries from Spain to the UK cancelled with uncertainty over when services will resume

File photo of a ferry arriving in Santander.
File photo of a ferry arriving in Santander. / SUR
  • A number of Britons in Malaga are having to extend their stays or consider driving to the Channel Tunnel

Malaga. A number of Britons in Malaga who travel by boat every year are also experiencing problems with ferry cancellations.

Jeanne Murphy drives down from Santander to her house near Sedella every winter. She was due to sail back to Plymouth on 1 April, but the crossing was cancelled. "I have not made another booking as my sister flies down to accompany me on the journey back. As yet we do not know when flights will be resumed so she is unable to book to come here and Brittany Ferries have not yet stated when they will resume sailings," she said.

Mick Berrill and his wife have had to extend their stay in Malaga from 23 March when they were due to sail back to the UK. Mick explained to SUR in English on Wednesday that they had "optimistically" rebooked tickets to sail on 20 May but are preparing to drive to the Channel Tunnel.

No response

Mick, as well as Doreen and Ted Charles, who are staying in Fuengirola told SUR that contact with Brittany Ferries has been "default emails only" or "online forms to which we have had no reply".

The Charleses were always planning to return to the UK on 31 May, but on the advice they received, they have been trying to get home earlier. "We don't think the ferry will be running any time soon. It's the not knowing when."

Consul Charmaine Arbouin said in a statement, "The passenger ferry from the north of Spain is currently suspended, so we are advising people with cars who wish to return now to drive through France, where there are ferries to the UK and the EuroTunnel remains open. Many people have successfully returned this way and have shared useful information on our social media channels."