Warning to be careful of hot weather forecast if going out for the first time since lockdown

Children on the beach in Malaga last weekend.
Children on the beach in Malaga last weekend. / Ñ. SALAS
  • UV levels are expected to be particularly high at the beginning of May

May will start off with summer temperatures in Spain rising to 30 degrees in a large part of the country. In the Guadalquivir valley, near Seville, temperatures could hit 36 degrees over the next few days.

Aemet, the State weather agency, is advising those leaving lockdown for the first time after many weeks indoors to exercise caution in the unfamiliar temperatures.

There is going to be a "strong change in the weather," said a spokesperson who highlighted that March and April had been particularly wet for many in Spain. He said that May would start dry with high temperatures caused by a mass of unusually warm air. UV levels are also expected to be particularly high.

Aemet says that minimum temperatures at night will also be high. Eastern Andalucía should see temperatures falling no less than 20 degrees in the early hours of next Monday, 4 May.