Spain passes 200,000 Covid-19 cases, as mass testing is introduced

Health workers in Malaga.
Health workers in Malaga. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The official number of coronavirus-related deaths increased by 399 on Monday, the lowest figure in four weeks. Malaga province starts the week with 15 new cases and no deaths

Monday's official Covid-19 report for Spain puts the total number of cases past the 200,000 milestone (200,210) with an increase of 4,266 in 24 hours.

This means that, with a population of 47 million, one in every 235 people in Spain has tested positive for coronavirus.

Monday's daily increase is higher than usual due to the recent introduction of mass testing, explained the director of the Emergency commission, Fernando Simón on Monday.

Of the new cases reported, he explained, 1,385 are "old or recovered cases", that have now come to light through testing.

The government has gone from doing an average of 200,000 tests a week in March, to 700,000 a week now, explained Simón.

In terms of confirmed coronavirus-related deaths, the figure reported on Monday was 399, down on the 410 registered on Sunday. This is the lowest daily figure since 22 March, and the percentage increase of 1.9% is the lowest since the start of the crisis.

Malaga and Andalucía

Monday's official figures for the province of Malaga were optimistic with just 15 new cases of infection reported and no new deaths in 24 hours.

The numbers on Monday, however, tend to be lower due to a delay in registration of figures over the weekend. The positive note brought at the beginning of last week, for example, was shattered with 17 new deaths reported last Wednesday and 10 on Thursday.

At present 214 coronavirus-related have been confirmed in Malaga province.

What is a reliable positive sign is that the pressure caused by the coronavirus crisis has been relieved to a certain extent in local hospitals, both on the wards and in intensive care units.

"We've got more space, but we can't drop our guard in case there's a new wave of Covid-19 patients," said hospital sources.

The total number of confirmed cases in Malaga province is now at 2,546, that is, 153 for every 100,000 inhabitants.

In Andalucía, the total number of confirmed cases is now, 11,555 with 1,013 deaths, 20 more reported in the last 24 hours.