Government to seek state of alarm extension, but will relax lockdown for children from 27 April

Pedro Sánchez on Saturday.
Pedro Sánchez on Saturday. / EFE
  • Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that with sacrifice "we have all managed to stop the spread of the virus", but further steps to recovering normality would be gradual

The prime minister has announced that he will seek a new two-week extension of the coronavirus state of alarm until 9 May.

Lockdown restrictions, however, will be relaxed with the new period which starts on 27 April, to allow children to go out after six weeks confined to their homes.

Pedro Sánchez spoke to the country on Saturday evening after a meeting earlier that day with his team of emergency health experts to analyse the current Covid-19 pandemic situation in Spain.

"After consulting with specialists in child psychology, the government of Spain is in favour of relaxing confinement for children from 27 April. Their trips out will be limited and subject to conditions to prevent contagion," said Sánchez.

Further details regarding the conditions for children leaving their homes have not been given.

The PM was due to meet with the regional presidents on Sunday morning to discuss his proposal for the new extension period. The measure will then be debated and voted in Congreso next week.

"We've achieved the most difficult part, containing the brutal assault of the pandemic, through sacrifice," said Sánchez, adding however that what the country has achieved so far is "insufficient and fragile".

"We have to take more steps before we can get through this second phase and lift the general confinement," explained the prime minister.