Coronavirus deaths fall again in Spain, although new confirmed case figure rises

A police officer hands out a mask to a worker in Valencia.
A police officer hands out a mask to a worker in Valencia. / EP
  • The authorities said on Wednesday that the new spike in infection is due to more tests being carried out among workers, revealing more minor cases

The number of new deaths related to Covid-19 in Spain fell again on Wednesday with a 523 fatalities reported by the Health Ministry in 24 hours.

This is 54 fewer that the increase announced on Tuesday.

Official figures now put the number of coronavirus-related deaths in the country at 18,579.

The highest number of daily deaths reported since the start of the coronavirus crisis was on 1 April, with 950.

Death rate

The death rate in Spain is currently at 10.45% of the total number of confirmed cases (in Italy the percentage is 12.96%; in France, 15.18%, while in Germany 2.6% of diagnosed Covid-19 patients have died, according to official figures).

Wednesday's figures for Spain showed a significant increase in the number of new cases of infection: 4,978 in 24 hours, 2,315 more cases than the previous day's increase.

More testing

The Health Ministry pointed out that this could be put down to the increase in the number of tests being carried out with the return to work in some sectors on Monday.

The total number of cases now in Spain is 177,633, although the authorities have pointed out that many of the new positives announced over the next few days are likely to be mild cases, due to the increased testing.

Meanwhile 70,835 patients have so far been given the all-clear, an increase of 3,347 recoveries in 24 hours.